1 Table and 3 children’s chairs

345  TVAC

Table accompanied by three chairs with our different characters.  You have the possibility to customize the back of the chair by engraving the name of your child, or even better, choose your own character! By example, from a picture of your child’s cuddly toy.


Nice triangular table in birch wood and its three customisable chairs. Ideal for drawing, crafting or doing your homework. Thanks to the specificity of its design, it will easily suit every children’s room. Why not accompany it with a bookcase or a tree-shaped bed?

One table and 3 chairs

Main characteristics

  • Consumer-mounted
  • The customisations are decided and confirmed after ordering in an exchange of emails with our designer.

The environment

  • All products can be recycled.
  • Natural and renewable materials (wood)
  • Water-based varnishes and certified safe for child health.


  • Clean surfaces using a cloth moistened with mild detergent.
    Dry with a soft dry cloth.

Additional information

Weight185 kg
Dimensions82 × 20 × 64 cm
Theme biblio