Imaginary beds

Elysta draws and realizes original furnitures for children’s bedrooms. “Imaginary beds” or “Treehouse beds”, chairs, tables, bed guards or bookcases… customizable. Which makes every piece unique. Those little nests improve our children’s sleep. Thanks to its tenon clip mechanism, the assembly is easy, without nail or screw.  And to make a lifelong dream, the beds are evolutionnary and can be used by your children from 2 to 18 years old. In the interest of ecology, the design and manufacturing are 100% Belgian.


In order to make your furniture unique, every piece of furniture offers various options. You could, if you wish so, engrave your child’s name, choose the theme of your bookcase or even more customisable : change a little animal with the shape of your child’s cuddly toy !

Evolutionary bed

When your child does not feel like sleeping in a treehouse anymore, you will be able to replace the higher part of the bed with simple batten provided when the product is bought. The bed then becomes a simple bed suitable for a teenager. The bed does evolve with your child.

Easy self assembly

Thanks to the developed clip mechanism, the assembly requires no particular skill or tool. The beds can be assembled and disassembled many times without damaging the pieces. We determined an ideal level of flexibility so children can not disassemble the bed while adults can.

A local product

Each design is drawn, customized and fabricated in our workshop in Belgium.


Our company works with ecological materials such as the birch in order to manage our forests in a sustainable way.

A craft production


The Elysta project is the result of the work of two passionate people who love wood, decoration and beauty. Erwan Morelle and Maud Roegiers are two complementary artists. From this osmosis are born various projects. First for their children in their family-setting. Then, over time, the project matured and they decided to commercialize their products.


She draws and imagines the Elysta universe. She customises every order and makes them unique.


He forms, cuts and pampers every order until its delivery.