Why is a tight sleep necessary ?

We spend a third of our lives sleeping… And this activity is as important as eating, breathing and drinking.

When we are asleep, we recover from our physical and nervous tiredness. That’s why sleeping is necessary for the growth of children in order to develop their nervous system. While they are sleeping, the growth hormone is secreted, and the information we acquired during the day are stored, and our memory is building.

Sleeping well is therefore a necessity for children to grow, learn and develop.

Getting ready to sleep

When the first signs of tiredness occur, it is time to get ready to go to sleep. At that time, it is important for the child to have some rituals that will make him appreciate the bedtime.

For example, a lullaby, a story, a hug, … everyone has his preferences. The goal is to make him feel alright. Then, it’s up to him to fall asleep by himself.

He doesn’t want to go to sleep ? Understand him.

When he refuses to go to sleep, there can be various reasons. Try to find out what those are while remaining firm.

If he feels scared, try to reassure him. Explain to him what’s happening, think about things he likes or appease him. You could also let the door open, he would then be able to hear you and that will reassure him.

The golden words for a good night of sleep are tenderness and security for bedtime but quiet and loneliness for falling asleep.

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